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The Exit: Thinking Big In Affiliate Marketing (Thoughts On Flipping Websites)

Something you see on affiliate forums (groups, subreddits, Slacks, Discords, etc.) is this insulated idea of the meta-game.

You ask an question about improving rankings on the site, and people respond with tools and tactics, but unless you’re looking to top out at $100,000 per year… Building a few affiliate sites is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Eventually you’ll want to learn about selling an affiliate site, how to structure, price, and setup your business for sale. This means having your books together, and SOPs, and tax returns, income & expenses tracked over time, and involves time to learn.

How much can you make selling an online business?

Websites are hot right now, and will typically sell for anywhere between 35–40x monthly profit. Meaning a site netting $20,000 will sell for between $700,000–800,000.

Knowing you can unload you smaller $1,500 per month affiliate sites for upwards of $60,000 allows you the free time to focus on other (more profitably) projects.

A simple guide to buying a business online

due diligence website flipping

Once you’ve sold a business or two, you’re likely going to want to buy some, at which point you want to start learning about EBITDA, and some of the other accounting terms.

A big step here is learning how various business models can be structured, the various ways businesses market and make money. This allows you to then look at other businesses to then understand what they’re missing and what value you can bring to the business.

Remember, you’re looking to:

  • Buy something that needs love
  • Give it love
  • ???
  • Profit! Sell it when it’s been making a solid income 6 months in a row has solid enough metrics & financials that people are confident in buying.

How Do I Get Started Flipping Websites?

Website brokers like FE International, Flippa, and Empire Flippers are a huge help when you first get started.

All that starts with a baseline understanding of how to go from an affiliate marketer, to website flipping.

I’d love to write more on this sometime. Let me know what you’d like to learn more about and I’ll throw together a quick how to.

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